Box and Pack Openings

Opening The World’s Heaviest Fossil Pack: Vintage Pokémon

This is not clickbait. This really might be the heaviest fossil pack anyone has ever seen. When we weighed this baby up, we thought something had to be wrong with our scale. No vintage pack can possibly weigh this much.

We did our due diligence. Verifying the pack was authentic. In fact, it came from an old Wizards of the Coast distributor. We checked that our scale was properly calibrated. Everything seemed to check out. So what is going on here? Is this the god pack we’ve been looking for? Or is it just an error? Curiosity got the best of us. We had to open it. To find out.

One thing is for certain, this vintage pack weighed far more than most packs sold with “guaranteed holos”. So what’s in ours?

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