Box and Pack Openings

Unboxing One-of-a-kind Pokémon Cards and Art from Official Artist Benimaru Itoh

We received a box from one of Pokémon’s original artists, Ashura Benimaru Itoh. He worked on many classic Nintendo games, including various installments of Kirby and Star Fox, as well as Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium. Although Benimaru Itoh is best known for illustrating the Metroid and Star Fox comics found in Nintendo Power Magazine, he is a multi-talented artist and musician.

What could be inside a box from one of the TCG’s original artists? Stay tuned and find out. We take a look at Leopard Man Benny’s work over the last few decades including his involvement in the Pokemon franchise. Inside this package, he blessed us with one-of-a-kind signed cards, exclusive memorabilia, and rare vintage items. We’re happy to share this moment with you as we explore the career of such an influential artist.

I don’t have words to express how grateful I am right now. This is truly a moment to be treasured. It’s not every day that can share something so truly unique and wonderful with you. Benimaru Itoh is a genuine gem that has greatly influenced many of Nintendo’s greatest franchises.

Additional Information: The artwork of Meowth playing the guitar was created, by Mr. Itoh, for the video of “Meowth Party” used in the ending theme song of the TV series. This video was directed by Mr. Itoh, himself, who was in charge of all the storyboards and motions of each Pokemon that appears. It was the 7th ending theme song of the Pokemon anime series, used in the original Japanese versions of episodes 117 through 141. In the United States, a dubbed version aired only once.

You can see the video, from that time, here: Benimaru’s Meowth with Guitar artwork, first gained international exposure when a game was created for the 2000 Nintendo Space World convention, to demonstrate the Nintendo Game Cube’s graphic capabilities. In this game and video, Benimaru Itoh was in charge of the visuals. You can see the state of Meowth’s recital at that time on the following here:

Update: We did find out what The Frozen Hot Dogs is. Per Ashura Benimaru Itoh, it was a friend’s band which is no longer together.

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