About US

What is Team Triforce?

Team Triforce TCG is a team of Pokemon Trading Card Game enthusiasts and content creators, bringing people together to experience the joy of the game.

While the core of the Pokemon Trading Card Game is all about collecting monster cards and playing them against each other, Pokemon is not just a game. It is a search to collect them all. It’s a challenge to design a competitive deck. But most importantly, it’s a community that brings people together.

It’s this love for Pokemon that keeps Team Triforce Together. It began when Wesley Upchurch sat down to play his first competitive match in more than a decade. He was randomly assigned a match against Kendall Rust, another player returning after a hiatus. They just clicked.

Together, along with Wesley’s son, Taylor, the Trio travels far and wide in search of the rarest cards and the greatest challenges. After competing in several regionals and attending Pokemon conventions, they decided to document their quest to become the next Pokemon Masters.

Now, Team Triforce shares their love of Pokemon on Social Media, where others can follow their journey. They open packs, build decks, and spread Pokemon love to everyone. Based in Memphis, TN, Kendall, Wes, and Taylor can be found trading and battling at local card shops.

Team Triforce is happy to introduce others to the hobby, provide our followers with information on the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game releases, and share tips on building a tournament quality deck. As our Channel grows and evolves, you’re welcome to grow with us. We are friends and family on a quest to become the very best, like no one ever was.

Join us now, right at the very start of this fascinating journey. Because we’ve gotta catch them all, together!

Who is Team Triforce TCG?

Essentially, we are a group of friends that play, travel, and laugh together. Like the monsters on our team, we’re always learning and gaining experience. Who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Until then, we just try to have fun, connect and trade with others, and battle until we’re exhausted.

You can find us in and around our hometown, teaching new kids to play the game and challenging older players to matches. Win or lose, we do our best to share in the “Spirit of the Game”.

BulbasaurWes: Bulbasaur

25 Candy to Evolve
Division: Master // Professor: Official Judge
Favorite Pokemon: Steelix, Gengar, and Spiritomb

“Every Challenge Along The Way, With Courage I Will Face”
Playing since base set. Thinks he’s a Jedi. The most outgoing member of the team.

CharmanderKendall: Charmander

11 Candy to Evolve
Division: Master // Professor: League Oranizer
Favorite Pokemon: Jirachi, Torchic, and Pachirisu.

“My Best Friend, In A World we Must Defend!”
Playing since Phantom Forces. Develops video games. The most creative of the three.

SquirtleTaylor: Squirtle

100 Candy to Evolve
Division: Senior
Favorite Pokemon: Wooper and Quagsire

“It’s you and me, I know it’s my destiny!”
Playing since Lost Thunder. Minecraft obsessed. The loudest team member.