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Writing Down Names and Choosing Winners! ($1000+ Champions Path Giveaway at the End)

Today our heroes at Team Triforce FINALLY gave away the huge Champions Path ETB Collection! PLUS SO MUCH MORE!
This video is our first live stream and it’s the biggest Pokémon Champions Path Giveaway Ever!!! While most streamers would prefer to open and keep all the cards for themselves, we choose to give them away. 🙂 Thanks so much for supporting our channel and congratulations to the winners.
—Congratulations to our drawing winners—
*Isaac Simpson – Grand Prize of 12 ETBs
*SaucyPlayz – 1 ETB James Spivvy – 1 ETB
*Devender Butani – 1 ETB
Potato_Person – 1 Pin Collection
—Congratulations to our shoutout prize winners—
*Cesar Lechuga – 1 ETB
*Andrew Curtis – 1 ETB
*Jesse James – 1 ETB
*Sage&Grookey’s Collecting – 1 Pin Collection
Update: An astrict next to the person’s name represents people that have claimed their prize. We have already shipped all of the claimed prizes. Per the official contest rules, the time to claim a prize has expired. As for the unclaimed prizes, we will either give them out in future videos or donate them to a local league. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We love you guys.
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